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DiGiCo Q852 Premiere, Orlando, FL (2023)

At the world premiere of the DiGiCo Q852 at Infocomm in Orlando, FL, I had the privilege of programming an interactive media server system to create immersive product demonstrations on the show floor.

About The Show

DiGiCo wanted an interactive way to control their massive 0.9mm LED screen while giving product demonstrations. The ask was to give their team a way to remotely change media on the screen behind them as they talked about certain topics, display a slideshow presentation, roll product videos, or loop marketing animations. This cutting-edge setup showcased the capabilities of the Q852 in an engaging and dynamic way, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

The Avolites AI Media Server served as the core of the setup, providing robust multimedia capabilities and advanced control options. The integration of the Elgato StreamDeck and StreamDeck App added another layer of versatility and interactivity to the system. With its customizable buttons and intuitive interface, it allowed for remote triggering between different media elements, maximizing the impact of the product demonstrations. Seamlessly blending slideshow presentations, product videos, images, and animations, DiGiCo's team displayed the features and benefits of the DiGiCo Q852 in an interactive and visually compelling manner.

Custom animations were produced by Kyle & Tiffany Means of Square Dot Collective to provide engaging visuals cohesive with the marketing campaign DiGiCo teased leading up to the Q852 Launch.

The DiGiCo Q852 is their flagship digital mixing console. The desk boasts a dual engine, 384 channel mixing console with 52 physical faders and 3 x 21.3” LCD high-resolution touchscreens. Combining the extraordinary might of five large-scale FPGAs, the Quantum 852 redefines digital mixing consoles.


Creative Coordinator: Maria Fiorellino

Content Creation: Kyle Means

Content Creation: Tiffany Means

Media Server Programming: Rane Renshaw

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