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Rane Renshaw is a lighting designer, director and programmer. Rane holds a BFA in Lighting Design from Carnegie Mellon University and has accumulated over 15 years of theatrical and multi-faceted freelance experience. Combined with residencies at OMNIA Nightclub, LIV Nightclub, and STORY Nightclub, Rane brings a diverse body of work to the table full of experience with A-list talent and headliners.

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Lighting Design & Direction

Regardless of your event type, let's elevate your production with top notch turn-key design solutions.

Lighting Programming

GrandMA2, Avolites, ETC, Hog4, GrandMA3, ChamSys, Obsidian, AI Server, Resolume, Madrix, and more.

Let a dedicated programmer maximize your production value. 

Lighting Consultation

Don't even know where to start?

Jump on a call to get rolling!


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