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OMNIA Nightclub, Las Vegas, NV (2016-2020)

As a Lighting Director at OMNIA Nightclub in Las Vegas, I had the exhilarating responsibility of overseeing the Heart of Omnia Ultra Lounge. The Heart of OMNIA Ultra Lounge was known for its high-energy atmosphere, making it an electrifying space to work in.

About The Role

Working as a Lighting Director at OMNIA nightclub demanded a high level of adaptability, creativity, and technical skill. The fast-paced and unpredictable nature of live performances pushed me to think on my feet, making split-second decisions to create unforgettable moments for the audience. The ability to busk and improvise lighting was a critical aspect of my job. Often, I did not have prior knowledge of set lists or performance details, necessitating quick thinking and adaptability. It allowed me to create dynamic and visually stunning moments that captivated the crowd and amplified the energy of the music.

In addition to lighting, I oversaw video and sound operations in the Heart of OMNIA Ultra Lounge. This involved coordinating visuals that complemented the lighting design and working closely with the DJs to ensure a smooth optimal audio experiences. The Avolites Sapphire Touch seamless integration with Avolites AI Media Servers allowed me to program and busk live visuals from the lighting console.

I was allowed and encouraged to create and implement custom visuals, timecoded introductions, and amplified production elements. This aligned perfectly with the Ultra Lounge hosting a weekly locals event, which was often themed. Each event the room was transformed with costumes, decorations, visuals, programming and performers for totally immersive experience.

In addition to my primary responsibilities at OMNIA nightclub's Heart of Omnia Ultra Lounge, I also had the opportunity to step in and fill crucial roles inside the main room, both lighting and video roles. This required a comprehensive skill set and deep knowledge in both areas, allowing me to seamlessly execute these vital tasks for major headliners.


Creative Director: Andrea Frey

Technical Director: Gerardo Gonzalez

Production Manager: Joseph Muro

Video Director: Ed Shaw

Lighting Director: Alvaro Grosso

Lighting Director: Rane Renshaw

Video Director: Darrion Granieri

Production: Hector Olivio

Production: Iggy Diaz Production: Todd Chuma Automation: Melissa Nelson


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