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RESISTANCE, M2, Miami F1 Race Week (2023)

During the exciting F1 Race week in Miami, I had the privilege of working as the Lighting Director for the RESISTANCE residency at M2 Miami. This residency showcased the best of the underground electronic music scene, creating an electrifying atmosphere for local enthusiasts and international visitors.

About The Show

Working under close collaboration with Ruben Laine from Creative Integration Studios, who directed the overall production design, we aimed to create a captivating atmosphere that perfectly complemented the high-energy racing event. As the Lighting Director I was responsible for programming lighting concepts that complemented the unique soundscapes of each RESISTANCE artist, contributing to the overall ambiance and energy of the venue. Each night LED screens and lighting positions were adjusted to give the venue a unique atmosphere.

The challenge of improvising and adapting the lighting cues on the spot added an exciting and dynamic element to the role, ensuring that each artist's set was supported visually and appropriately. I programmed a busking showfile using Avolites Titan for this project to allow me to make real-time lighting decisions and adjustments during the performances. Avolites close integration with its AI server, which was used to drive visuals, was another reason to use Avolites for this project.


Friday: Green Velvet B2B Claude VonStroke

Saturday: Adam Beyer

Sunday: Charlotte de Witte


Production Manager: Charlie Canavan

Production Designer: Ruben Laine

Lighting Director: Rane Renshaw

VJ: Ruben Laine

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