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STORY Nightclub, Miami FL (2021-2023)

In my role as a Lighting Director at STORY Nightclub, a vibrant and renowned venue on Miami Beach, I undertook a wide array of responsibilities to produce an electrifying visual experience for our guests.

About The Show

The goal is always to have a show that appears preprogrammed. However, one of the most demanding aspects of my role was operating the lighting live, often without prior knowledge of set lists or performance details (while mixing audio). This required exceptional adaptability and quick decision-making skills. By improvising and busking with the lighting cues in real-time, I elevated the energy and mood of the performances, creating dynamic and visually stunning moments that engaged the audience. Programming and maintaining my unique showfile (GrandMA2) gave me flexible control over the lighting, automation, and special effects such as cryogenics and confetti. Each show consists of headlining performers & hosts, dancers, aerialists, special acts, and more. Collaborating closely with the VJ, I ensured that the visual elements seamlessly integrated with the lighting design.

In addition to lighting, I also took charge of preparing the audio equipment for the DJs and headlining performers. This involved ensuring that all the necessary audio gear was properly set up, calibrated, and ready for use. Furthermore, I handled the sound mixing, making sure that the audio levels were balanced and optimized to deliver a high-quality auditory experience to the club's patrons.

About The Venue

STORY Nightclub, located in Miami Beach, is a premier nightlife destination known for its energetic atmosphere, world-class entertainment, and cutting-edge design. STORY Nightclub is a spacious and visually stunning venue spanning over 27,000 square feet. The interior design is a blend of modern and industrial elements, featuring a kinetic ceiling and modern automated lighting.

Notable Acts & Hosts: Cardi B, Hardwell, Lil' Wayne, Martin Garrix, Zedd, Jack Harlow, Deadmou5e, Future, A$AP Rocky, DJ Khaled, French Montana, The Martinez Brothers, Above & Beyond, Diplo, 2Chainz, Steve Aoki, Meek Mill, Ty Dolla $ign, Don Diablo, Dillon Francis, A-Craze, Anitta, Chris Brown, Rae Sremmurd, Jack Harlow, A Boogie W/ A Hoodie,


Technical Director: Max Moussier

Lighting Director: Rane Renshaw

VJ: Alex Tamez

Photos: Martin Medina



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